(1) There is not any specific site location for this competition, as it mainly collects ideas and concepts and aims to create an exemplary prototype for all the new future houses to follow. Applicant shall choose a fictional location for their conceptual idea and proceed a design work.


(2) There is no standard definition of a “micro house,” floor plans with 400 square feet or less are generally included in the micro house category, whereas the typical small or micro house is between 100 and 500 square feet. Please be aware of that, the floor plan of your conceptual design work is limited to exact 500 square feet (around 46 square meter).


(3) The landform, topography, area, surrounding environment can be customized without any limitations, while they should be adjusted to your MICRO HOUSE. Any landscape design, site planning could be part of your output.


(4) The final submitted design work must be presented in A0 board (841 x 1189 mm), including your conceptual idea, floor plan, or other necessary drawings like renderings, sketch and analysis. Please also provide descriptive text for the design work on this A0 board.


(5) It’s only allowed to submit one A0 board for your final work. One person could enter an individual entry or being part of a team entry. It is also possible for one team to enter multiple entries. But be aware of that, one registration/payment is only for one submitted entry. The size of the attachment must be no larger than 20 MB, and only JPG/PNG format is accepted.


(6) Since the contest is anonymous, the names of participants must NOT be presented on the sheet with the images and in the name of the file to be sent. The name of submitted image file must be your Team Code. Your Team Code will only be checked after the registration and payment process. The submission should be mailed to with your Team Code in the name of the file. In case you still have questions related to the briefs and the competition, please send them to